British Citizenship Applications

What is naturalisation/Registration?

Once a migrant meets certain criteria, including a minimum period of residence and good character requirements, he/she may apply to naturalise as a British citizen. In certain situations, adults and children may be able to acquire British citizenship by ‘registration’.

How we can help

Naturalisation or registration as a British citizen is the final step on the immigration journey. Barking & Brighton has substantial experience in the complex British citizenship rules and eligibility requirements and our team is well placed to provide assistance in even the most complicated matters.

Our legal fees

Fixed fees
We work on a fixed fee basis. Our fees vary depending upon the issues, urgencies and complexities involved. Typical individual naturalisation/registration applications can range between £1,000 – £2,000 and disbursements, whereas more complex cases (for example those with substantial excess absences or good character issues) can range from between £1500 – £3,000 and disbursements.

You can expect the main disbursements to include:

  • Home Office filing fees; and
  • other ancillary disbursements such as biometric enrolment, translations, courier and postage charges, etc.
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