Settlement Applications

How to you obtain permanent residence in the UK?

Migrants in eligible immigration categories may apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) (ie to settle in the UK) once they satisfy certain conditions, including meeting a period of continuous residence in the UK, demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the English language, passing the Life in the UK Test, Suitability and other route-specific requirements.

Key features

  • Work: the right to work in the UK in any profession and for any business, including self-employment;
  • Study: the right to study in the UK;
  • Services: access to the National Health Service (NHS), benefits and services;
  • Citizenship for children: acquisition of British citizenship for children born in the UK to settled persons;
  • Dependants: possibility that non-British family members of settled persons may be able to join them in the UK; and
  • Naturalisation: option to apply for naturalisation after 12 months of living as a settled person in the UK or lesser if applying as a spouse of a British citizen.


Lawful Long residence in the UK

Alternatively, once a migrant has lived in the UK continuously and lawfully for ten years, he/she may apply to settle in the UK on this basis.

Our legal fees

Fixed fees
We work on a fixed fee basis. Our fees for individual ILR applications typically range between £1,500 – £5,000 and disbursements depending upon the type of application as well as the specific issues, urgencies and complexities involved.

Fixed fees
Our fees for long residence ILR applications typically range between £5,000 – £10,000 plus VAT and disbursements also depending upon the issues, urgencies and complexities involved.

You can expect the main disbursements to include:

  • Home Office filing fees
  • optional premium service fees for in-country applications; and
  • other ancillary disbursements such as biometric enrolment, translations, courier and postage charges, etc.

For our dependant application fees, please refer to our Dependants section. Dependants typically incur the same disbursements as main applicants.

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